In recent years, we have expanded to the Asian market. We have experienced an exponential growth in the goods transportation from to this continent overseas as well as by air transportation.

In a short period of time, we have achieved our own consolidated service from China to Spain

Complete control of the transportation service:

  • Door- to-door service
  • Pick-up and delivery at any point in Spain, Portugal or ASIA.
    • Local transportation in origin
    • Freight
    • Arrivals expenses. Negotiating the freight with us will avoid the abuses produced in arrival expenses, when the importer hires freights directly with suppliers.
  • From the main ports to any airport
  • Warehouses in ASIA, Spain and Portugal.
  • Custom clearance: processing of customs documents  for goods handling:
    • Origin
    • Destination
    • Obtainment of importation and exportation licenses.
  • Goods insurances


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