We have an internal system of management of quality that is evaluated constantly, orientated to the fulfillment of period foreseen in every shipment.

In every process of every container or air shipment of every client there is done a follow-up that is a real X-ray photography of what happens with every shipment. For each of them it is done an insole in which is indicated the date, day of the week and hour that we´ve been notified there are goods ready. Afterwards it is indicated the transport request date, date of withdrawal of the goods, date of the arrival to the consolidation warehouse or to the airport warehouse, date of exit of port or airport, date of arrival to port or airport in Spain, dates of arrival to the client, stepwise which has been the record of each shipping.

An example of a shipment coming from LA to Madrid:

Date of goods announcement
Date of goods ready
Date of transport of origin request
Date of collect order
Date of p/u
ETA to warehouse at LA
ETD from LA
ETD from NYC
ETA to Spanish seaport
ETA to Madrid
Date of customs clearance
Date of bill of lading
Date of collection
Date deliver at destination

The same would be for any shipment to leave somewhere else and come to another destination.

The principal traffic in which we move, that are also air and ocean with the USA and Asia are perfectly optimized, doing a constant study of shipping and airlines companies, truckers, warehouses, etc. to obtain the best prices for our clients, as well as a reduction of the delivery.
The management of all our transport is permanently examined, so that the service that we offer to our clients is based on the beginning of constant improvement.

Our customer service on shipments is 24/7. We are always at your disposal.

Nevertheless if you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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